Casual Sales Assistant

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About the role

This role is ideal for someone looking for flexibility, you can work around College, University or any other commitments; or someone looking for their first role. With over 420 stores across the UK there is a role for you. This is your stepping stone to a rewarding career in Sports Direct.

There are variety of shifts available, including early morning shifts, midday shifts, evenings and weekend shifts so there is something for everyone here. In store you can work in a number different areas including shoes, tills, and clothing not to mention Delivery and close down shifts which gets the store ready for the next day. Want to know what is like, go to our ‘what’s it like’ page.

There is a great induction done in store, there are a number of e-Learning modules to aid your development, opportunities will include moving into full time roles and maybe even a Supervisor role.

Jordan Capel – Casual Sales Assistant

I started at sports direct back in 2011 just as a way to earn a bit extra while at university.

I currently work on the shoe department in sports direct at Wheatley Hall road in Doncaster. I can honestly say the amount of opportunities that I’ve been given and potential to earn money is fantastic. I currently earn, on average, around an extra £3 an hour on top of my normal wage. Per week I can earn anywhere from £140 to £180, which then per month gives me an astonishing £550 to £650 a month! This is again on top of my normal wage! So the earning potential for me and anyone else in this job is endless. You make your own wage and being a university student this definitely helps!

I would say my motive is to pay off as much of my university fees as possible, which then of course allows me to prioritise my money on much more important things such as night outs and events!!!

All joking aside, this scheme has definitely benefitted me financially. I`m able to enjoy myself at work with the added bonus of earning just for doing my job… Great! To top it off I work in one of the best stores, the atmosphere I work around is ecstatic and buzzing, you`re always encouraged to earn as much as possible , have fun while doing it and feel part of the team.

About you

You will need to have the drive to earn as much as you can, as well as the commitment to improve your retail skills. The enthusiasm to be number one is key, but most importantly, can you deliver fantastic customer service in a fast paced store environment. You will be flexible to the needs of the business and have the ability to work a variety of hours.

The application process

You will need to fill in a few details online including availability and contact information. If selected you will be invited to a relaxed face to face interview

Working as a Casual Sales Assistant

The role of Casual sales assistant is an important one, you will be dealing with our customers all day, providing exception product knowledge and world class customer service. This is a flexible role allowing you to work around your commitments, and with store all over the UK and Europe, there is a job waiting for you.

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