Full Time Sales Assistant

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Job description

Love retail, do you want to gain more experience and develop your careers in a fast paced environment and still have guaranteed hours, this position is for you. This is your stepping stone to a supervisor role in Sports Direct.

There is a great induction done in store from day one, you have access to a number of our e-Learning modules that can aid your support. A FTSA is able to step into a more senior role, the natural progression is into either a Shoe Supervisor or a Floor Supervisor depending on your strengths.

Michael Smithyman – Full Time Sales Assistant

I find that selling 5 star products is extremely motivating and challenging, especially when other colleagues are competing against you in store and from other stores. Being praised by management, and making money whilst doing this is an added bonus.

I think my confidence on the shop floor plays a big part in selling 5 star products, especially the Dunlop Gel insoles, approaching customers looking at table stock rather than them coming to you I think increases your chances of selling especially if the table stock is 5 star itself like Karrimor or Dunlop etc.

So if I’m on the shop floor and a customer is looking at some mount mid’s for example, they take a box, sit down on a bench and open it only to discover they are tagged together, I’m aware of this so then I‘ll swoop in and will say" hello there, would you like me to separate them for you so you can try them on properly? 9 out of ten times they will say please, I’ll take the shoes to the till, de-tag them, then quickly go into the stockroom on my way back, take out the original left insole out and replace it with a sample gel insole already cut to that size and keeping the original in the box, id hand the customer the right to try first, I’d ask "how does that feel, they would reply positively most the time! Then I would give them the left to try and as soon as their foot hits that insole I would say " with that left one, I’ve upgraded the insole in it for you to try with a gel insole, it’s going to feel a lot more softer and a lot more cushioned on your foot, just compared to the standard one that the Karrimor comes with there’s not a lot to it so just see if you can feel the difference, if the customer likes it then I will grab a pack of insoles and explain the special features of them, e.g. they are sweat resistance and odour free and that standard insoles tend to hold onto bad odours after a short period of time but the Dunlop’s wont because they are feet fresh, I always offer to cut the insoles and fit them as well , giving the customer the best service I can.

Myself, my partner and 2 children have just been to Butlins Skegness a few weeks ago and pretty much the commission paid for it all over the last 6 - 8 month, again making money for my family and making them happy plays a massive part in my confidence on the shop floor, myself and partner are getting married next June, so again I have a massive target to aim for and making money to help with that is my ultimate aim.

With all the 5 stars now available in store I feel like we are really spoilt for choice, what to add with what to get the 5% on that product and even without add-ons, for me it’s like my eyes light up every time I see a potential KPI sale as daft as it sounds, without a doubt I will continue to sell, sell, sell.

About you

You will have solid retail experience working in a fast paced environment. Strong attention to detail is important and good merchandising and customer service skills is key. You would need to be flexible to the needs of the business and the store opening times.

The application process

You will need to fill in a few details online including your contact information and career history, you will also be asked to upload your CV.

If selected you will be contacted for an informal conversation followed by an interview with a recruiter, if successful you will be invited for a face to face interview with one of our store managers.

Working as Full Time Sales Assistant

The FTSA role is an important part of the store structure, you will be a regular presence that customers and other staff see. You will support the success of the store by leading by example, being a role model for the casual sales assistants. Drive and motivation and attention to detail is key.

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