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Job description

A role as a Shoe supervisor is your gateway to a management career in Sports Direct. You will be responsible to support the Footwear and Store manager in the shoe department, leading and motivating the sales assistants to deliver a strong Customer service and deliver on results.

A Shoe Supervisor in Sports Direct can expect great training from day one, you would initially start a two week induction in store with the focus being in the footwear department. We have a number of training programs available at our head office such as Footwear master classes and for high performing Shoe Supervisors we have the “home Grown” course that can help develop you into the best possible Supervisor you can be. The natural progression for a Shoe Supervisor is to take on the role in a bigger store and shoe department or the opportunity to take on a Footwear Manager role.

Seb Freebody – Shoe Supervisor

I have worked for the company for roughly five years now, in my five years I have worked in three different shops and been promoted from cast to shoe supervisor.

I started in Kingston working part time while at university, where my managers quickly recognised my enthusiasm and willingness to learn and even through at the time I never intended to have a career within the company, I just needed some money to top up my student loans, they saw the potential in me and helped me to recognise it within myself and to improve on it.

When I left university (due to the energetic and passionate management team I had) I decided to stay in the company, upon telling my managers this, I was immediately taken under the wing of my footwear manager where he spent a lot of time one on one with me helping me to learn how to manage others and inspire them to excel as he had inspired me.

I was quite often spent to other shops to help out or to set up a new shop from scratch, which I found hard work and challenging but which helped me to feel really part of the company and something bigger than just my local store.

Working for sports direct is a great experience and has really helped me to develop both as an individual and as a manager and I hope to progress further within the company in the coming years. I would highly recommend it regardless of whether you want a career or part time, as the zero hour contract allowed me the free time when I need it to revise or do exams but which also allowed me to rack up loads of hours when I needed the extra money and there are always hours for those who are willing to work. The work can be hard at times but this is the same for any job however with the 5 star bonus scheme the company has you can't find a job anywhere else in retail, either part time or management, which will pay as well.

About you

Working as a Shoe Supervisor in Sports Direct is all about attention to detail, organisation and great customer service. You will be able to communicate to people of all level and build relationships across the entire store and some team leadership experience would be needed, and good team motivational skills would be important.

The application process

You will need to fill in a few details online including your contact information and career history, you will also be asked to upload your CV.

If selected you will be contacted for an informal conversation followed by an interview with a recruiter, if successful you will be invited for a face to face interview with one of our store managers.

Working as a Shoe Supervisor

The footwear department in store can take nearly have the stores turnover, so it is a vital part of the Sports Direct Operation. It’s important that all procedures are followed and that you strive to achieve all targets across all areas. Getting your team to perform by leading by example and being hands on is key.

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