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Since 1971, Nike has been the premier name in sports apparel and footwear. Known world over for the that distinctive Swoosh and that iconic tagline, ‘Just Do It’, Nike is a brand that has continually pushed the boundaries of sportswear technology and helped athletes achieve remarkable things. Nike is trusted by so many sporting superstars, from Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods to Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal and so many others, solidifying the brand’s immense popularity and reliability. Nike don’t just stop at sport either, having taken the world of street fashion by storm with the incredible Nike Air Max range, before branching out into stylish casual clothing and must-have accessories to truly dominate their field. Sports Direct is a proud long-term partner of Nike as Europe’s largest sports retailer bringing the world’s largest sportswear brand closer to you, helping everybody rock the Swoosh whatever they’re doing.

Nike FAQ's

When was Nike founded?

Nike was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman on January 25th 1964, initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports, before the company changed its name to Nike Inc. on May 30th 1971, inspired by the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike.

Who owns Nike?

Nike has no specific owner, with the company’s shares traded on the stock exchange, but co-founder Phil Knight owns by far the most shares, with Executive Chairman Mark Parker and COO Andrew Champion the next-highest personal stock owners. There are also three institutional shareholders with large amounts, namely Swoosh LLC (created by Knight), Vanguard Group Inc. and BlackRock Inc.

What is Nike best known for?

Nike is best known for manufacturing and advertising high-quality sports clothing and footwear, initially focusing on athletics before successfully branching out into football, tennis, golf, basketball and much more. Thanks in no small part to partnerships with the likes of Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods, Nike’s success in basketball, football and golf, respectively, has been astronomical.

Where is Nike from?

Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, having initially been based in nearby Eugene due to its close proximity to the University of Oregon, where co-founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman were athlete and coach, respectively.

How do you pronounce Nike?

There has been much debate about how to pronounce Nike but Phil Knight confirmed it as Nike-y, owing to the pronunciation of the Greek Goddess Nike. That being said, using the monosyllabic Nike is also acceptable and widely used.